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The #1 Reason you NEED an Agent when Buying a Home

This article is going to be short and sweet. We are in a STRONG seller's market, yet many buyers think they can search and find homes on their own. This fallacy is causing buyer after buyer to find homes already sold. Have you even found a home on Zillow and contacted an agent about seeing it, only to find out it's already sold?? That happens ALL the time.

Here's why you need a top notch real estate agent for your home search:

  1. Homes are selling very, very quickly.

  2. Zillow, Trulia, and other big name sites take 2-3 days to get new listings uploaded. Homes are often sold before they hit Zillow!

  3. A Realtor often knows of homes coming on the market BEFORE they hit the market.

  4. A Realtor can search in the MLS under "Withheld By Seller" and see homes that are essentially "coming soon." This is a common tactic these days for rolling out new listings. Put them in "Withheld" status for a week or so before they become Active. The general public does not see homes until after they are Active, but a Realtor can see the new listings when they are in "Withheld" status and get you a showing the first day.

With such a competitive market out there, with homes selling in a matter of days, and with homes getting multiple offers, you can't afford to wait for Zillow to tell you when there's a new listing. It's often too late and you've missed out to buyers who already had a great agent finding them a great home, setting up a showing, and writing an offer - all before you even saw the home was for sale online.

Matt Heilman is the lead agent at the Matt Heilman Homes team at Keller Williams Realty in Madison, WI. For all your buying and selling needs, let the Matt Heilman Homes team help you achieve your dreams!, 608-279-5771

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